Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact of Balloon Releases

To minimize any environmental impact of balloon releases, Dusty Joy Foundation uses only organic, biodegradable latex balloons made from the sap of rubber trees. The Foundation adheres to the guidelines and recommendations of researcher D.K. Burchette [pdf] who authored "A Study of the Effect of Balloon Releases on the Environment."1 Latex balloons decompose at a rate equal to or faster than oak leaves under similar conditions. The Foundation practices Burchette’s recommendations to minimize environmental impact, as follows:

  1. No foil or Mylar balloons (latex only);
  2. No plastic or metal clips (hand-tie all balloons);
  3. No paper attached to balloons (no race or tracking devices); and
  4. No strings attached to released balloons. 2

Dusty Joy Foundation champions environmental safeguards of the Foundation’s balloon releases in an effort to dispel misinformation. The Foundation respects the rights of others, complies with local ordinances and selects friendly venues to conduct releases. While the Foundation conscientiously embraces safeguards to protect our environment, we recognize that a segment of the population may object to balloon releases—regardless of our responsible policies and practices. Part of our mission is to serve those impacted by lung cancer, which takes the breath of life out of 160,000 Americans each year. We aspire to save human lives through lung cancer education and public awareness campaigns. We hope no one attempts to condemn the release of a balloon which is our memorial tribute to each life lost to lung cancer.

Footnotes Listing

  1. "A Study of the Effect of Balloon Releases on the Environment [pdf]," D.K. Burchette, 1989
  2. Balloons given at events to children will have a string. However, the children’s balloons are not for release.
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